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Price Lists and/or Approvals Request Form

Save time and money by contacting several dealers at once with your collecting interests. Your request will be forwarded to the dealers you select.

Next to each dealer will it will state whether they are a Price List or Approvals Dealer. If it says Price List, then a current price list will be sent out to you. If it says Approvals, here is some basic information:

For those unfamiliar with approvals, based on what you collect, dealers will send out stamps to you to view. Choose what you like and return what you don't, you only pay for the stamps you keep. Please be sure to list references, many dealers will not respond without them. You must be over 18 to request approvals from dealers.

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List 2 Philatelic References (Optional)

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Below are a list of participating dealers. Click on the box next to each dealer you would like hear from.

Bedford Company [APPROVALS] (Sooner or later you'll give in and write)

C. Delor [APPROVALS] (Worldwide approvals geared towards the beginner or intermediate collector)

David Bergman [APPROVALS] (Complete Foreign Mint Sets on approval)

Downeast Stamps [PUBLIC AUCTION CATALOG] (Free catalogs featuring US and Foreign)

G. Brinton Ingram [APPROVALS] (Affordable Worldwide Approvals Single items)

House of Stamps [APPROVALS] (Quality approvals conveniently mounted by Scott Catalog number)

IVA Stamp Company [PRICE LIST] (United States, Foreign, FDC's, Country & Topical Packets)

JET Stamps [PRICE LIST] (Great Britain, Channel Is. and More)

John Barkdoll [APPROVALS] (U.S. mint approvals. Beginning collectors a specialty)

Nickerson Stamps [APPROVALS] (Mounted World Wide Approvals All countries by current Scott)

Ray Pfersdorf [PRICE LIST] (Used and Mint Worldwide Sets and Singles.)

Reval Sales [APPROVALS] (Free Worldwide Stamp Packet Penny approvals. Beginners welcome.)

Robert Millman [PRICE LIST] (Canada, Australia, United States, Great Britain)

Richard Pyznar [PRICE LIST] (Virtually complete stock of the Entire German area.)

Collecting Interests:
Be as specific as possible, this really helps the dealers determine what information they should send.